Build Announcements

Visual Assist 2022.4 now available

The fourth update to Visual Assist 2022 is here! This release updates some core Visual Assist behaviors, adds a key C++ language feature, and adds support for external configuration files. The release also continues initiatives on shader code from the previous release. If you haven’t updated yet, download the latest release here. Parser changes One of the highlights of this release is…
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Tips and Tricks

What Is Visual Studio For Unreal Engine, And Why Does It Matter?

In this article, we will look at what Unreal Engine is, how to set up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine, and how to get started with Visual Studio Unreal Engine. You will also learn the main benefits of using Visual Studio to develop Unreal projects. What are the benefits of using Visual Studio for software development? Visual Studio is an integrated software development environment that allows you…
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