Build Announcements

Visual Assist 2022.2 is here

Visual Assist 2022.2 has just been released! We have a well-rounded update this time— a number of new features as well as some much needed fixes. Unreal Engine 5 Support The biggest announcement in this release is the the start of official regression and other testing related to Unreal Engine 5. This also comes with some modifications to the IDE UI to make it apparent that our…
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Build Announcements

Visual Assist Build 2393 is Here!

We’re really making an effort to keep blogs more instructional or industry related, but man o’ man is this release worth a few lines. Our team has been working behind the scenes for much of the year on performance improvements. And sure, we could’ve just…
Build Announcements

Visual Assist Build 2366 is Available!

Build 2366 is all about keeping the lights on and letting you code faster and more effectively. While the release includes tons of bug fixes, you’ll find that we’ve added a few new items as well. In keeping with the latest and greatest, we’ve updated to…