VISUAL ASSIST - Filling Gaps in Visual Studio for C/C++ and C# Developers

Tips and Tricks

Tips for Aspiring Game Developers

Have you ever considered becoming a game developer but never knew where or how to start? In this blog, we’ll talk about a few things you might want to know before you get started in the video game industry. The video game industry— by the numbers Many new programmers aspire to land careers in the video game industry. Who wouldn’t want to make triple-A games for a living…
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Build Announcements

Visual Assist 2022.1 has arrived

It’s a new year for Visual Assist! This was slightly earlier than expected, but in the interest of making sure that updates and fixes get to you as quickly as possible, we’ve decided on an early release! You can download the latest version of VAX here. New…

Improving Visual Assist: We need your opinion

Good day! The Whole Tomato team is looking to improve the Visual Assist experience in other fields, and we are inviting you to join us! We are currently looking for focus group participants in the financial service sector. Eligible participants include programmers or…
Tips and Tricks

Visual Studio 2022 Support!

Hello! We have very good news today. We just released Visual Assist 2021.5 and it has our official support for the Visual Studio 2022 release. This blog could be as short as that sentence, but I’d like to write a bit more about our support and how we got here. Meanwhile I recommend if you’re using VS2022 you download and install 2021.5 now! Background Historically it’s…
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Tips and Tricks

Visual Studio 2022 preview version 4 support

Just a quick note to let you know that we are aware of a blocking issue while using the latest version of VA in Preview 4. We offered initial beta support for 3.x, however we do not recommend installing Visual Assist on the latest preview as the hangs will render the IDE…
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Visual Assist support for Visual Studio 2022 Previews!

There’s a lot of interest in the developer community about the new version of Visual Studio, which is in preview currently. This week we released Visual Assist 2021.3 (build 2420), and Visual Assist includes beta support for the Visual Studio 2022 Previews. Visual Assist 2021.3 running inside Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 Visual Studio Preview Visual Studio (VS) 2022’s main…
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Tips and Tricks

Busy Busy Busy!

Are you busy? I know we are. Our development team has been taking a hard look at what’s going on in the development landscape, and I thought we could share a few things that we’ve got going on behind the scenes: Visual Studio 2022 Public Preview is Here Visual…
Tips and Tricks

How to Set Up Visual Assist

Visual Assist is a coding productivity tool for C++ and C# developers. It extends Visual Studio to make the programming experience better by providing tools for understanding code, checking code, and writing code. Some of its benefits include fast navigation, code inspection and modernization, many refactorings, code correction, Unreal Engine 4 support (for which it is famous), and code…
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