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Summer CodeFest: Magnificent or Malevolent: Maps! Measured, Monitored, & Magnified! [Mrecap]

Webinar overview: 

Std::maps is a staple in the C++ world for sure. It’s reliable and useful, but in this presentation, David Millington goes a level deeper and examines how other features offered beyond the standard library can be used to maximize the usefulness of the data structure. 

Quick Refresher on Maps

Maps are essentially a way to store key-value pairs in an ordered structure. This creates an associative array that can be used to lookup connected pieces of data. Maps are ubiquitous. Value-key lookup is used everywhere: filenames to files, index number to row/column, ID number to name, and the list goes on. 

Maps can be ordered or unordered. They are also similar to static arrays and vectors but they possess a few key differences such as memory management, performance, and appropriate types—watch this section of the webinar to learn more.

Things to Remember from the Webinar


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