Tips and Tricks

Tools to understand new code: Find

In my previous post as a guest contributor, I talked about moving between declaration and implementation of various symbols: methods, classes, variables… and even include files. The functionality helps a lot, but there are other tools in Visual Assist that we definitely need to know. This time, let’s have a look at some find commands in Visual Assist. As in my last post, I will…
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Visual Assist supports Visual Studio Community 2013

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Visual Studio Community 2013—a terrific addition to its lineup of IDEs. In addition to being fully featured, Visual Studio Community 2013 provides access to the Visual Studio extensibility ecosystem, including to Visual Assist. This…
Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2052 is available

It’s not often one gets to write “introduce” twice in a sentence, but here goes: Visual Assist introduces Introduce Variable. Introduce Variable, a powerful refactoring for C/C++ and C#, replaces an expression with a meaningfully named variable. In…