Tips and Tricks

Scope of Refactoring in Multi-Project Solutions

There is a subtle connection among the Find References, Rename, and Change Signature commands of Visual Assist, and if you didn’t perceive the connection, you might believe something was awry—with your memory. The three commands—Find References, Rename, and Change Signature—share a setting to display references from, or refactor in, the current project or all projects. The shared…
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Tips and Tricks

Sorting One's Code

Visual Assist has a plethora of features, and it’s difficult to know them all. It’s an even greater challenge to use all of them at every opportunity. We had one user, Tom, write recently that his “very small favourite feature” in Visual Assist is…
Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2031 is available

Greetings from San Francisco! Thank you to all of the customers who stopped by our booth at the Build conference. It’s clear we have ardent supporters. We look forward to providing you with the debugger improvement we demo’d. Expect a beta in a few months. To the…