Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2029 is available

We hope you have check-for-new-versions enabled in the options dialog of Visual Assist, because you wouldn’t have learned about last month’s build of Visual Assist in our blog. We shamefully failed to announce build 2029. Social media isn’t yet part of our build process. Visual Assist build 2029 requires software maintenance through 2014.02.24, and includes our usual mix of…
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Tips and Tricks

Using Find References to Manage a Task

Find References has been a feature of Visual Assist for about a decade. And, while Find References now shares its name with a version of the command integral to Microsoft Visual Studio, the original has pragmatic components that should make it the everyday preference. If…

Visit the Tomato at Build 2014

Join Whole Tomato Software at the Build 2014 conference this year, April 2nd-4th in San Francisco. We’ll be demonstrating Visual Assist to the uninitiated, and offering existing customers a sneak preview of an enhancement to the Visual Studio debugger. Stop by to…
Tips and Tricks

A quick way to create implementations of all methods in a class

We released a feature some time ago that we failed to document, and since its UI is subtle, there is a good chance you know about it only if you follow our release notes closely. I raise the feature for two reasons: 1) it’s valuable, and 2) now it’s documented. The feature is Create Method Implementations, and it gives you a quick way to create implementations of all methods of a…
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