Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2023 is available

After a month with an RC, we’re happy to announce availability of a general release. You need maintenance through 2013.12.20 to run build 2023. If you’re a new customer and don’t how to tell if you’re qualified to run a build, learn here or wait for your current copy of Visual Assist to explain your options, assuming Check for Updates is enabled. Build 2023 is primarily a…
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The Tomato introduces a new website

We are happy to introduce a revamped website for Visual Assist. We think the site is simple, well organized, responsive, and replete with content new and existing developers need to be productive with Visual Assist. You’ll find: A “What’s New” page…

Visual Assist loses her X

After ten years of dealing with her ex, Visual Assist X has regained her simpler name, Visual Assist. Now for a bit of history. The X in Visual Assist X became part of the product name in 2004, when developers at the Tomato decided it was important that customers get new…