Versionitis (of the host environment)

Yesterday, I posted about a new feature in VA X 10.5.  I failed to mention that the new feature is only supported in Visual Studio versions starting with Visual Studio.NET (vs2002+).  While we continue to support VC++ 6, not all features we introduce going forward will be available in that environment.  That said, we don’t currently have any plans to end VC++ 6 support.

For those of you still using VC++ 6, care to share why?  Are you still using the VC++ 6 compiler and libraries, or have you modified the build environment to use different tools?

3 thoughts on “Versionitis (of the host environment)

  1. Largeness.

    I’m working on a code base grown over the years to half-a-behemot size, with a limited number of developers.

    Just to get it compile on a newer compiler is a daunting task, largely due to changes in the platform SDK and the ad-hoc-settings and methods used in different projects. Add to that a company attitude of “it worked last year – why upgrade?”, and a lot of functionality requiring external hardware and user interaction for testing.

    We now have a VC9 branch that shows first signs of life, but current development still runs on VC6. Maybe another three to six months…. :sigh:

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