Tips and Tricks

Support for Incomplete Solutions

Several members of the Whole Tomato Software crew attended the Seattle XNA Gamefest held back in July.  It was a great opportunity for us to get face time with quite a few of our customers.  We received a lot of feedback some of which has bubbled up in VA X 10.5. We learned that many Visual Studio users only work in the IDE for editing and debugging but not for doing builds.  Because it is not…
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Versionitis (of the host environment)

Yesterday, I posted about a new feature in VA X 10.5.  I failed to mention that the new feature is only supported in Visual Studio versions starting with Visual Studio.NET (vs2002+).  While we continue to support VC++ 6, not all features we introduce going forward will be…
Tips and Tricks

Mark All Occurrences

Highlight Find Results is a new feature in Visual Assist X 10.5.  By default, this feature tracks your standard Find commands and highlights all of the find results in the text editor.  Some people may not want this feature enabled by default and would rather manually…