Visual Assist X 10.5

We’re proud to announce the release of Visual Assist X 10.5, which adds full support for Web and WPF applications, including ASP/ASP.NET, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, and XAML.  It also adds new features to existing languages, along with many fixes and enhancements to existing features:

  • Support for Web and WPF projects, including ASP/ASP.NET, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, and XAML
    • New IntelliSense features include smart guesses for JavaScript member lists and HTML code completion with paths to images and other resources
    • Navigate easily between .aspx and code-behind files in ASP.NET
    • Additional VA Snippets
  • Highlight find results (Visual Studio .NET and later)
    • Controlled via VA Options|Advanced|Display|Highlight find results
    • Choose highlight color via IDE’s Fonts & Colors list for Find Result (VA X)
  • Optional tomato icons in listboxes and tooltips denote content provided by Visual Assist X vs. the IDE
      • Controlled via VA Options|Advanced|Display|Use tomato icons in listboxes and tooltips to mark Visual Assist X content

  • Find References results grouped by project
    • VA Options|Advanced|Refactoring|Display project nodes in Find References results
    • VA Options|Advanced|Refactoring|Display project nodes in Rename dialog reference lists
  • Improved VA Outline behavior
    • VA Outline remembers the expanded state of each node when refreshing its contents
    • Optionally auto-expands nodes as the user navigates in the code editor.

Refresh Find References

Find References is great at locating references to symbols across your solution.  But did you know that when you just want to search the active file, you can use the Find References in File command?  You get a shorter search duration and the results list window is the same one you use with Find References.

The Find References results list has a Refresh button that allows you to re-execute a search without moving your caret to an occurrence of the symbol for which you last searched.

For the standard Find References command, Refresh is straightforward: search the solution again.  But what about Find References In File?  Refresh executes the search in the active file – not necessarily the same file that was active for the first set of results.

Bug or feature?